A: A part of Immigration New Zealands application process has been outsourced to TTS. TTS is responsible for the following on behalf of Immigration New Zealand: accepting all types of visa applications and ensuring all lodgement requirements are met accepting the processing fee on behalf of Immigration New Zealand accepting all mail directed to Immigration New Zealand despatch of mail from Immigration New Zealand, including despatch of passports If you wish to lodge an application for visa or provide additional information regarding an already lodged application, then please contact your designated TTS office. Any application received by TTS office in Delhi by 3.00pm reaches Immigration New Zealand the same day. Applications from TTS offices outside Delhi reach Immigration New Zealand within 24 to 48 hours.

A: Personal visits by applicants are by appointment only. If you need clarification on policy matters please visit the Immigration New Zealand websitewww.immigration.govt.nz/branch/India/ or call up Immigration New Zealand

A: Passports cannot be collected personally by individuals. TTS deals with the dispatch of passports for Immigration New Zealand. (In case there is an exceptional case, you need to speak with an Immigration New Zealand Visa Officer for authorizing a personal collection). TTS provides the Reference Number at the time of lodgement of application which can be used to track your passport on the TTS website.

A: Immigration New Zealand does not hold lists of approved agents or consultants. We accept applications directly from clients or through their authorized representative. Please note:If customers wish to use the services of a representative to assist with an application it is important that the representative they use is either licensed or exempt from the requirement to be licensed. For more information visit the Immigration Advisers Authority website atwww.iaa.govt.nz